3 comments on “Ellis & Sons Iron Works

  1. Hi Matthew,
    Wow that is history..so much rust and old stuff.Very interestng…How far tech has come..I love the reflection of the old building in that puddle….I bet you really enjoye the day..later

  2. HI Matt,
    It was so good to see your photography again. Sorry, it has sit here without me seeing it until now. I had 142 fwds and it was lost in the middle of them.
    Need to send an email out saying write to me or forget me ~ no more forwards!

    Again, you have taken the common every day things ~ rust and all and turned them into works of art! I loved all of them, but the time clock and card rack had a lot to say. Mercy, they must not have had a safety man with all the stuff laying around! Oh, maybe I have been married to a safety man long enough it is first and center of my brain!
    You are an amazing man!

    Thanks for sharing, hope you send more!

    • Thanks for looking and commenting, Janet. I don’t know how old some of that stuff is, but it is rusting away. A great place to photograph color and texture. Matt

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