5 comments on “La Grange, Tennessee

  1. Hi Matthew,

    Was hoping yo see some of these….I always have to have a few favorites….this time the horses with the landscape,the old house with the reddish roof and then there was one more…The one with the coca cola crate….Very nice

  2. Hi Matt,
    Thank you it’s been a long time since we have seen any of your work! Your central Fl fan club will be thrilled.
    Blk/whites are not my favorite, something Grapes of Wrath about them for me. But the horses in the field and several I thought were probably better blk/white than color. But YEAH when I got to the lil old shack with the rusty roof! The one from the inside looking out past the old curtain was fantastic! Got a laugh with the shed attached to the garage ~ OK, mainly the roof ~ thought about the shed Glenn helped rebuild with you and Kendra in G.R.
    Please send more!!!
    Your the very best ever!

  3. Matt ~
    Your photography just amazes me all of the time. Wish we still had the farm in Kentucky so you could photograph the barn and many other things we had there on our 111 acres! We loved that place and had many great times there sharing with family and friends. Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us. Your photographs always make us feel as though we were there with you enjoying the sights.
    Love to both you and Kendra ~
    Aunt Sandy & Uncle Don

  4. This was a wonderful trip to take with you. I so enjoy the photos of the old house and scene with the horses in the field, but the close up shots of “ordinary” objects fascinate me. They tell a different type of history. Thanks for sharing your gift with all of us.
    Aunt Amy

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