3 comments on “Sedona 2010, No. 4

  1. As I told Kendra on Facebook, he would have had to be able to swim because my bladder would have flooded him!

    • Hello Matt,
      I hope this one goes through….I wrote to you after you sent the other pictures, but the computer told me I had I made an error.
      Well, SURPRISE !! it is me, trying to do this high tech communication.
      Matt your pictures are just beautiful, maybe I should say “breath taking” because when I saw the snake, I enhaled such a shocked breath, I nearly swallowed that snake.
      I can’t imagine staying in front of him long enough to get the picture…I hope you made a slow, but fast get away. I’m grateful it was a safe one.
      I tend to lean toward Janet’s pictures of the butterfly….I don’t think I would be petrified if one of them tried to bite me.
      Have a wonderful summer, and please tell Kendra that I said “hello”
      We love you both.
      Aunt Patty

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