3 comments on “Arizona Premiere Collection

  1. Was upset that these have been here and I hadn’t seen them, but I needed them more today.
    Matt, WOW! this would make a wonderful sermon for church!
    I have sat there and gone through them several times. What a peace to my spirit and the songs that popped into my head ~ 1.Magesty
    2.It is well with my soul
    3.Bridge over troubled waters ~ oK not a church song that way’s what came to mind with the cactus close up
    4.the burnt tree trunks ~ Were you there?
    5.Kendra will really get sick with this one ~ but the beauty you captured ~ Larnelle Harris, I’ve just seen Jesus!
    Can’t say it enough, thank you for sharing your God given talent with us! You are truly amazing and gifted!!!

    • Thanks, Janet. Glad you enjoyed them. I need to whittle the collection down more for an exhibit back in Memphis. MTM

  2. Matthew,,,I recognized a few sites I think Beautiful..I was going to choose a favoreite and that was hard to do..I thi nk one or two of the first 50

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