Helpful Websites

While there are many useful websites related to photography, the ones that follow are among my favorites.

Digital Photography Review is probably the premiere website for all matters related to cameras, lens, and other equipment. It features equipment reviews, discussion forums, and the latest news related to digital photography.

The Luminous Landscape is a great site for articles and tutorials that cover the waterfront of photography. These articles are wide-ranging and discuss things such as popular locations for landscape photography, postprocessing techniques, basic and advanced treatments of exposure, composition, and many other topics. To go directly to the essay area click here.

Fred Miranda’s site is a great site for sharing photos with other photographers and seeking constructive criticism. Among other things, the site has various forums that focus on different kinds of photography. This site is less focused on equipment and more on the artistic and craft dimensions of photography, though it also is a good source of equipment reviews.

Digital Photography School is a great site that I just discovered.  It has very nice collection of articles on digital photography.  There is lots of good information here ranging from the basics to the advanced.

The Strobist is the premiere online site for all things related to artificial lighting.  It has basic articles that explain lighting and flash techniques, offer do-it-yourself projects, and provide information related to lighting equipment.  There is also an active community of photographers who regularly experiment and discuss Strobist techniques.

Zenfolio is my preferred photo hosting site.  I find it to have the most intuitive interface, best image quality, and best features among the many other available online hosting sites.  If you choose to set up a Zenfolio account, please use the following referral code to save yourself $5.00 off the annual subscription price.  I will receive a $5.00 credit in my Zenfolio account as well.  Referral code: SAJ-CU3-JV6

My Publisher is a premiere site for creating your own bound photo books.  I have used them and been very pleased with the quality of the printed pages and the quality of the binding.  To create a photobook, you download their free software and assembly your book on your computer using the very intuitive software.  When you’re ready to place your order, the software guides you through the process.

B&H Photo and Video is a very reputable online retailer that sells photographic equipment and more.  Most of my equipment purchases are made through them.   I highly recommend them for all your equipment needs.

Documounts is a a great resource for purchasing custom and precut materials for mounting, matting, and framing your prints.  The prices are among the best around, especially if you order in bulk (e.g., 20 mattes, etc.).  I rely on their custom cut mattes to fit my large 12″x18″ landscape prints.  Their service is excellent as well.  Turn-around time on custom matte orders is 12-14 days (and this includes shipping time).


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