The links below are to software that I recommend.

Free Software

Faststone Image Viewer. This  is a great image management and light duty editing application that I use frequently.  Be sure to download the free tutorial to assist you as you learn the program.

Picasa.  Another nice image editing and management application that has a more user-friendly interface and is packed with many features.  If you are new to editing your photographs, I would recommend Picasa because it is a one-stop-shopping type of application that will allow you to edit, share, organize, and view slideshows of your photographs.

IrfanView. This is a powerful freeware image editing and file management application that many people find helpful.  Many of its features are similar to those in Faststone Image Viewer.  Its interface is less intuitive and graphically driven than some.  If you prefer a more “no frills” application this one might be the one for you.

GIMP. This is a very powerful, open-source software alternative that is designed to compete with Photoshop.  It is free.  It is a very capable program, though not the easiest to master.  I would not recommend starting out with GIMP but you may find yourself graduating to it when you need more power and customizability.

PhotoME. This is a very nice and free tool for viewing and/or editing all of the technical data that is embedded in your photographs (i.e., EXIF data).  It not only provides the most comprehensive set of data but integrates nicely with your browser.  It also has a well designed user interface.

Software for Purchase

Photoshop Elements.  PSE is the software that I prefer and use most extensively.  It is a trimmed down and far less expensive version of  Photoshop but has most of the key features related to processing photographs.  Historically, Photoshop products have not the easiest to use and have required a fairly steep learning curve for beginners.  Recent versions of Photoshop Elements have addressed this issue, and Adobe has created a more user-friendly interface and improved automation of basic editing functions.  If you want to try before you buy, you can download a 30-day trial version of the software from the link above.  If you decide to buy be aware that you get a much lower price buying it locally when it’s on sale or ordering it through  You’ll pay full MSRP ordering it directly from Adobe.


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